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 22 Sept
 2.30-3.30 Orsola Tommasi (Hannover) Stable cohomology of toroidal compactifications of the moduli
 space of abelian varieties
 4.30-5.00 Tom Bridgeland (Sheffield) Pre-talk (graduate students only)
 5.00-6.00 Tom Bridgeland (Sheffield) Stability conditions and cluster varieties
 6.00- Poster session and reception 
 23 Sept
 9.00-10.00 Claire Voisin (Ecole
 Decomposition of the diagonal and new stable birational
 10.30-11.00 Mark Gross (Cambridge) Pre-talk (graduate students only)
 11.00-12.00 Mark Gross (Cambridge) Degeneration formulas for logarithmic Gromov-Witten invariants
 2.00-3.00 Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros
 Volume preserving maps between uniruled log Calabi-Yau pairs
 3.30-4.00 Geordie Williamson (Bonn) Pre-talk (graduate students only)
 4.00-5.00 Geordie Williamson (Bonn) Kazhdan-Lusztig conjectures and shadows of Hodge theory
 5.15-6.00 Professional development
  Conference dinner 
 24 Sept
 9.00-10.00 Jonathan Pridham
 Motives and derived Tannaka duality
 10.30-11.00 Paolo Cascini (Imperial) Pre-talk (graduate students only)
 11.00-12.00 Paolo Cascini (Imperial) Birational geometry in positive characteristic